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"HEALTHY" is an art + science

While we all want to be healthy, it is not always easy and it is not always clear what "healthy" even means. There is a plethora of information online from nutrition blogs to scientific journals but articles often contradict one another. My goal is to help you simplify the process, parse out what is correct, and find the plan that will work for you. 


At NOURISH, we take an individualized approach looking at your unique lifestyle, genetics, tastes and interests to find the nutrition and lifestyle habits that are both trans-formative and sustainable for you and your family.

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Functional Nutrition



Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Weight Management

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"I came to Ipashri as I was looking to eat healthier overall and ensure I have proper nutrition when I am racing triathlons over the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation and feel that I have the education, tips, and plan to move forward with healthier eating. Ipashri has a unique combination of compassion and listening to what your needs are coupled with an underlying science that explains her recommendations. I now feel prepared to make nutritional and lifestyle changes that will improve my overall health. However, I don't feel overwhelmed by the changes - in fact, I feel optimistic and hopeful. Thank you, Ipashri!"

~ Quentin B.


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Green Goodness

the NOURISH approach

At NOURISH, we believe that all aspects of your life are interrelated, and the food you put in is directly related to your mental, physical, and emotional health. We use both science & art to help you find a nutrition plan that is uniquely suited to your needs.

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the BLOG

Nutrition is more than food, it is a lifestyle choice. Check out our blog for more topical insights around daily habits and small changes you can make that will make a big difference in your health and happiness.

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the RECIPE book

At NOURISH, we believe healthy eating does not have to be bland or in any way "less" in quality or taste. Take a look at our recipe gallery for specialized recipes adaptable to a whole host of health-related needs. P.S. your kids will love them!

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book a consultation w/ Ipashri

We provide Individualized Nutritional Consultations where Ipashri works closely with you to create a holistic plan tailored to your specific health challenges and goals. We know you all have busy schedules so time is of the essence. As part of our Signature Package, we also add in services such as Pantry Resets, Meal-Prep, Recipe Development, and Grocery Advisory. We do Virtual Consultations all over the world. Ipashri has patients in the US, London and India.

Ipashri Bharti is an 
experienced functional nutrition consultant and founder of NOURISH. She studied science of nutrition at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition after a successful career in finance. She has also completed cooking courses in London at Cordon Blu and Cordon Vert.

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