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15 minute FREE consult

Sign up for a FREE 15 minute initial consultation to get a better understanding of our services and talk to Ipashri.

Individualized Consultation (a la carte)

Sign up for our 1 hour individualized nutrition consultation where we use your health history to come up with a nutrition plan that's right for you. 

Signature Package

Our Signature Package includes a 1.5 hour initial consultation as well as  4 follow up consultations. We can incorporate the following services: 1) Pantry Reset, 2) Grocery Advisory, and 3) Meal-Prep / Recipe Development. See details below.


Our Signature Package includes a 1.5 hour initial consultation as well as  4 follow up consultations. A consultation may give you some idea for where to start, but it takes several months of changes and troubleshooting to really start to feel better and have lasting success. Our Signature Package provides a number of "extras" to help make the process sustainable. You can add in any of the below options or simply have a consultation and 4 follow-ups.

Nutritional Consultations
Don't know what to eat or when to eat? I can help create a wholistic plan tailored to your specific health challenges and goals to make you feel great.

Pantry Reset
When starting on a new endeavor it's best to start with a clean slate and get rid of the old baggage. Let me help you get rid of the products holding you back from achieving a healthy and energetic you.

Grocery Advisory
Do you spend too much time trying to figure out what products are actually healthy and which ones are just marketed as healthy? Let me join you at your local grocery store to explain how to efficiently scan labels for unhealthy ingredients and how small adjustments to your shopping habits can result in large changes in your health and diet.

Meal-Prep and Recipe Development
Cooking doesn't have to be difficult or take hours to complete. I can work with you to create nutritious dishes that match your busy lifestyle and your budget. Learn which shortcuts will help reduce your headache without sacrificing your health or taste. 

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