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It is scientifically proven that our lifestyle is driven by how our genetics interact with our environment (or epigenetics), especially the food that we physically put in our bodies. From medical ailments to mental health, good nutrition can help you feel and look better. In addition to nutrition, we also specialize in Functional Nutrition, where we restore health by focusing on the root cause of illness rather than treating symptoms as well as changes in diet to manage symptoms of autoimmune diseases. 


 First and foremost, eating healthy has to be INDIVIDUALIZED. We start all our sessions with a detailed analysis of your medical history, genetic history, food habits and lifestyle


Nutritious recipes can also be DELICIOUS. By using fresher ingredients and certain "tools-of-the-trade" I've learned from the top culinary schools, I can teach you practical skills to make regular meals both healthy and satisfying.



Weight management

Optimal nutrition can lead to higher energy levels and weight loss. This is not a diet but a lifestyle and paradigm shift. We can help by educating you about nutrition and by creating menus and plans to help you achieve your goals.​

Herbal Medicine

Functional nutrition

We restore health by focusing on the root cause of illness rather than treating symptoms. Learn more about functional nutrition.

Medicinal Herbs

Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune issues can be commonplace and difficult to detect.Changes in diet can help you manage symptoms. Check out our blog post here.

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