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5 Ways to Change Your Life Today

The truth is, most of us don’t learn how to manage our bodies and our energy very well – we don’t really come with an instruction manual after all. We use drugs, such as sugar, caffeine, adrenaline and shopping to manage our moods and our energy, and we often have lost the connection between our behaviour and eating choices and how we feel.

Being healthy and feeling great, in the most simple terms, comes down to removing the bad things and adding in the good things. I’m not talking calories in vs calories burned here. Great health comes from putting in good food, nutrients, sunshine / daylight, fresh air, healthy water, enough sleep, appropriate exercise and love. And cutting out poor quality food, bad bugs in the gut, allergens, stress and toxins...

Power Up! My number 1 tip for more energy:

Grab a piece of paper and make a list with 2 columns.

The first column should be all the things that steal your energy.

These might include:

1. Not drinking enough water

2. Not eating breakfast or lunch

3. Eating too much sugar

4. Having that extra starbucks latte

5. Sleep less than 8 hours

6. Skipping boxing class or climbing class

7 . Too much screen time (yes, this is a problem for grown-ups too)

8 . Not getting quality time with your significant other.

The second column will be the opposite – your Pick Me Up list.

This might include things such as:

1 . Drinking 8 glasses of water / herbal tea per day

2 . Making time for 4 boxing and/or climbing classes per week

3 . Playing tennis

4 . Date night

5 . Getting enough fresh veggies in every day

6 . Eating 3 meals per day

We all have to make decisions about our health every day. And we all know that life can throw us curve balls. On any given day we’re juggling keeping house, dating or being married, working, raising families, exercise and a thousand other small and not-so-small things. Keeping on track with our health is another thing to add to that list.

Because I prioritise my health, and the health of my husband and children, I am going to share with you my top 5 tips for staying motivated and on track.

1 Ditch the Drugs! It’s so easy to feel like you need that coffee or sweet treat to keep you going through a busy day, or that glass or two of wine to unwind at night – but you’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have, and how much more relaxed you are without them! It may take a couple of days to detox and adjust but I promise you – totally worth it!

2 Be a Woman with a Plan One of the biggest surprises to me, was discovering how much more freedom and down-time I had, when I put a schedule into place. First and foremost you need to have a weekly meal plan and a shopping list. Taking away that 4pm panic of ‘uh-oh, what to have for dinner?’ is a game-changer. It also means you’re never stuck without something nutritious and delicious to hand – which leaves you much less vulnerable to convenience or emotional eating.

3 Food First Never not – know what your next meal or snack is going to be. In an uncertain situation, either eat before you leave the house, or have an emergency food kit prepared and in your car or in your purse. Same for the kids. Try having a healthy snack draw in your refrigerator so that you can grab a ziplock bag or two, or Tupperware container and head out the door.

4 Snatch some Shut-Eye There is a very good reason that The Huffington Post has installed napping-pods in their offices. Well-rested people are happier, healthier and more productive. It might be hard to drag yourself away from the latest episode of The Good Wife after the kids have gone to bed, or you’ve had a long day in the office, but prioritising sleep will totally change your perspective on your life (for the better) and it helps you to make way better choices around food, exercise and that glass of wine.

5 Fun for the Whole Family There aren’t many things in life that aren’t improved by making them more fun. Even things you dread, like exercise, are transformed when you find a way to make them fun. Get your children involved in choosing meals from Pinterest or cookbooks, and then get them in the kitchen with you. Put some music on and dance together while you mix and stir. Take walks together or run around in the park instead of slogging in out on the treadmill.

Whenever you get off track, just remember to keep it simple. Eat better, move that body more, get some more sleep or do something to relax. Just changing one of these things can make you feel like a whole new you!

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